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Terms and Conditons

  1. Package cost does not include any personal expenses during travel.
  2. Food will not be provided on Airports and during Intercity transfers. Personal food demands will not be entertained. Special food for Infants, Old Age people or Medical patients will have to be arranged by Pilgrim himself. Tea will be provided Only in Breakfast for Economy Packages and  During Food Timings Only in Deluxe Packages.
  3. Guests and Relatives of Pilgrim are not allowed to Eat or Stay in our Hotels.
  4. Food can be served in Buffet style or Food packets depends convenience and avalibility.
  5. Deluxe Package have hotel accommodation at 10-15 mins walking distance from Haram and Budget Packages have accommodation at 15-20 minutess walking distance from Haram.  
  6. Maximum baggage allowed per person is Thirty Kilos 30 Kgs in Saudia and Twenty Kilos 20 Kgs in Air India.
  7. Coolie services will not be provided everyone carries his own baggage hence please travel light. 
    Excess baggage fees to be paid by Pilgrim.
  8. Any increase in the Airfare, VisaFees and Forex rates at the time of delivery of passport before departures of the tour shall be collected from the passengers as per the prevailing exchange rate of that day.
  9. AIHUT accepts no responsibility for Luggage Losses, Money Loss,  Injuries, Damages, Accidents and Additional Expenses due to any reason for example delay of flights, Misconnection, Sickness, Bad Weather, Strike, War, Quarantine breakdown or Transport breakdown or the closure of Airport. You are sole responsible for your luggage and belongings be it at Airport or Hotel premises.
  10. AIHUT will not be responsible if the pilgrim misses his flight due to any reason and in such case the passenger will have to bear the cost of rescheduling in case the ticket can be rescheduled or else if the ticket is Non Refundable no refund will be made at all. If during the period of rescheduling the Umrah Visa Expires New Visa fees has to be paid by Pilgrim.
  11. Laundry services  :  AIHUT shall not be responsible for any Loss, Delay, and Fading of color, Stains of any type or Shrinking of clothes by the Laundry service provider. Laundry is Complimentary service.
  12. Due to unavoidable circumstances changes and alterations in the package have to be made regarding Hotel, Bus, Staying period or change of flight. AIHUT Reserves the Right to make alterations which pilgrim has to accept and for which no refund shall be made nor any claim shall be entertained.
  13. After entering into Saudi Arabia no pilgrim of AIHUT shall be allowed to give up his/her companionship with his/her group. He/she will have to travel with the group and will not be allowed under any circumstances to leave the group. Nobody will be allowed to goto Jeddah outside the tour plan. Once the Pilgrim reaches Jeddah Passports will be taken by Umrah Company and will be under their custody till the return.
  14. No liability on the part of AIHUT arising in any way out of this contract in respect of any tour shall exceed the total amount paid or agreed to be paid.
  15. Tour to Wadi e Jinn  is  NOT included in any of our Packages. Only Standard Ziyarats are complimentary.
  16. Satisfaction of the pilgrim is our prime consideration any claim or complaint by the client must be intimated to AIHUT OF INDIA. In the very unlikely event of there being something not to your satisfaction on the pilgrimage that is directly under our control, it should be reported immediately so that  there is an opportunity to correct/rectify the same. The Tour Operator shall not accept liability in respect of claims which are not reported to us immediately.
  17. Partly utilized services are also considered as fully utilized. In such circumstances no refund shall be applicable.
  18. For all claims, disputes of whatever nature relating to the tours Marketed / Coordinated by AIHUT of India the Courts in Mumbai shall alone have jurisdiction.
  19. Handicap passengers are requested to carry their own Wheelchair.
  20. Visa stamping is subject  to approval by Saudi Embassy only.  AIHUT will not be responsible if Visa is rejected by Saudi Embassy and in that case Mofa Fees will have to be paid by Haji.  Visa stamping fees is non Refundable. All passports will be under the custody of Umrah Company throughout the Tour.
  21. Any person using Foul language or Bad Words or trying to create nuisance and fight in the group will be immediately removed from the group and will be left on his own. No refund will be given to him whatsoever and in extreme cases he will be handed over to the police.
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