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Conditions for TOURLEADER

Some important Terms & conditions for Tourleader.

1. Above 40 :: Should be above 40 years of Age or should pay for Extra Mehram Visa.

2. No Family :: Cannot take his family like wife mother sister along with him in the Tour which he is Leading.

3. No Marketing :: Cannot do marketing of his company in group. Should not distribute his visiting cards or other material to hajis of other agency.

4. No Remuneration :: He will not be paid any remuneration for this service at all. No Mobile Refills No Saudi Riyal for personal expenses at all will b given.

5. No Personal Friends :: Cannot call his personal relatives in Makkah and Madina to stay or Eat free in Makkah or Madina hotel or to stay with him from Saudi.

6. No Jeddah Shopping :: Cannot goto Jeddah for shopping or leisure activities.

7. No Personal Luggage :: Should carry company luggage while going and coming. While going while take Ration from India while coming will bring stock of ZamZam water and deposit it in our Office in Delhi or Mumbai.

8. 100% Responsibility :: If he is found neglecting his duty he will never be sent again and his Company Registration may also get cancelled under extreme cases.

9. Awards & Trophy :: If he is found doing his work with Responsibility and if Hajis give positive Feedback.. he will be Awarded with "Best Tourleader Award" and certificate in our "Annual General Meeting" in front of all our Travel Partners.

10. No Partiality :: Same Respect and Importance should be given at all Guests as he is giving to Guest from his State and City.

12. No Exchange Offer :: This offer is available only for Owners and Partners of Travel Agency and is not an exchange offer. You cannot send your Cousin or Friend on your Behalf.

13. First chance will be given to Travel Partner who has maximum number of guest in that group..if he is not available then only it will be given to the second highest agency.

14. If No travel partners wants to go in Group we will send our Staff as a Tourleader in the group.






















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